Mommy Sara

On Sunday, we met with Mommy Sara for lunch. We always enjoy our time together, whether it is at our house or out having lunch or dinner. Sunday’s get together was especially meaningful not only for Mike and me, but also particularly for Matteo and Mommy Sara. Since starting school, Matteo has been asking about Mommy quite a bit. Incidentally, at school there is a little girl who apparently cries, “I want my mommy,” which has affected Matteo in some way. The result has been that on occasion he mentions “mommy”, calls her on his phone to say “Hi”, or says that he misses her.

When we departed, we felt quite conflicted. Our hearts are happy with the love we have for our boys, yet they ache for their mommies.

To Mommy Stacey and Mommy Sara – We are very lucky to be raising such wonderful, smart, handsome, funny, witty, active young boys. We cannot begin to thank you for the gift that you have given us.

Matteo with Mommy Sara


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