Amidst the sickness rampant in our home…

someone started walking!

With Christopher’s probable-but-less-likely case of pneumonia and less-likely-but-more-probable ear infection and chest cold and Dad’s and Daddy’s bronchitis, we have neither had time nor the energy to document Matteo’s first steps. We captured a couple of steps on video, but by the time Mike and I started feeling well, Matteo was walking more and more.

After returning home from the doctor’s office this morning, Matteo was cruising along the furniture to get from one place to another. As he neared the end of the family room, he let go. He walked from the family room to the kitchen – about 10 feet.

Huge milestone… Are we ready?


  1. BRACE yourselves – and please DO NOT FORGET to close that blasted door to the basement, which gives me nightmares!!!!!!

    Love you all, G-Dot.

  2. You Poor guys. I feel so bad for you. Just to let you know that we are thinking about you and hope that you feel better soon. We’ll watch for a video of Matteo walking. Just call it “His first steps”. I won’t tell. Your Friend, m.

  3. Glad you guys are doing much better. We have been down this similar path so we know the exhaustion. Walking today, running tommorrow:-)

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